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Will any ex Canucks have hockey fights against Canucks this season?


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Imagine Bieksa, Kassian,Richardson,Lack, or Matthias dropping the gloves against former teammates?

Which would be the best matchup?

Bieksa and Dorsett have clashed in the past. Kassian and Sestito have dropped the gloves, although Tom is no longer a Canuck. Sestito and Dorsett have fought, although Tom isn't under contract with the Canucks anymore.Matthias has dueled in the past against Utica Comet Will Acton. Sounds like they might have something going.

I remember may great hockey fights between Canucks and ex teammates over the years. Some that come to mind are Craig Coxe vs. Michel Petit,Rick Lanz v. Curt Fraser,Dave Lowry vs. Stu Kulak, and Tony Tanti vs. Stu Kulak. Maybe Stu Kulak wasn't the most popular Canuck in the dressing room. Gino Odjick fought ex-teammate Ronnie Stern in Calagary, and believe it or not Harold Snepsts fought Ron Delore before they became teammates in Vancouver. Actually, this happened between many players. But back on track, Stan Smyl received a fighting major penalty along with his ex teammate Dave"Tiger" Williams at one point, as did Garth Butcher.Wait, Butcher fought Daryl Stanley before he came to the Canucks! Heck, Dave Lowry took on his namesake Dave Richter, before the Flyers sent him to play out west. Gino Odjick took on Brahear and lo and behold, they became teammates in Vancouver. How about when JJ Daigneault returned to the Pacific Coliseum as a Montreal Canadien and took on Jim Sandlak!!? Both Canuck first round picks!

Well, this has been quite a post, queue bass solo!

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Apparently Sestito is looking for a contract with the sole purpose of wanting revenge on the Canucks and Canucks players. Watch out for the boxing hobo if by some miracle or divine intervention some one signs him to an NHL contract...Sestito is gunning for the Canucks.

I agree with Disarono...Bieksa vs. Dorsett. Bieksa beat Dorsett like a six year old with a stick on a pinata when Juice was a couple of years younger and Dorsett was an agitator for the Rangers. Can't wait to for Round 2. Still going to be a small piece of me that's going to cheer Juice on.

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