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"We could've moved Ryan Miller. There were teams calling on Ryan Miller." - Jim Benning


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Here comes the $&!# storm

Please keep in mind.

1 would we have had to eat some of his contract

2 that one of Markstrom or Lack would have probably walked in the next 2-3 years

3 the return was probably lower than what we got from Lack

4 We would be having the same problems next year, but Lack could have walked for nothing

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At least this will silence the "Miller was untradable, terrible contract, Benning screwed up" nonsense. Now it will simply be more moaning that Benning didn't trade him.

Things people simply do not understand, or refuse to accept:

1. Any contract or player is tradeable

2. This (every) team needs a proven #1 goaltender, and that was not Lack

3. Building a team based on the popularity of players is not a formula for success on the ice

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Could've is the most useless word in the English dictionary.

He said they received calls for him, which means nothing.

For all we know teams wanted us to eat half the cap, or they were only offering up late round picks.

I find it hard to believe that if there was a 1st round pick offered up Benning would pass.

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Keeping Miller will be essential in Markstrom's development. Benning is thinking 3/4/5 years down the line, which is whats best for this team. Much better than Lack mentoring Markstrom IMO. The same process is happening to the rest of the roster gradually. Too bad the Canucks fanbase lacks patience and wants benning shot..

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