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good used SUV under $2000?


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Dang. I just need a good reliable SUV that doesn't hurt my wallet, looks stylish, decent kms and low to med maintenance.

Anyone know a good model and make??? :(

You plan on dropping just 2 grand on an SUV and you honestly expect something cheap and in good condition?

Just buy any old beater for your first car.

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Ford Explorer or Escape are great options. Toyota 4runner is another good pick. Nissan Pathfinder around the 2000-2002 are good picks as well.


Found a 2000 ford explorer sport 165km for just under $4000. Good?

How about Chevy trailblazer?

2003 trailblazer Lt 214km $3500

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It Will be VERY hard to find for 2k, but try for a Honda CR-V.

Good fuel efficiency and reliable even with 300K KM and more (which is what you will have in that price range).

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, get a domestic SUV, ESPECIALLY in that price range.

Are you specifically looking for SUV, or open to Sedans/Coupes?

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