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3 Bed, 2 Bath house in Vancouver under $100,000?


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I'm moving to Vancouver in a few months from Haiti and was wondering if you guys knew of any places for sale that have 3 beds, 2 baths and is around ~1200sqft for under $100,000

I'd prefer it to be under 10 years old and have central air. Thanks! :)

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Does me being a first time home buyer help? I think I get government aid or something right? Will they make up the difference?

Not sure if this is a troll thread but no, I believe you get a tax break and that's itit

edit: just saw wetbreasts sig, confirmed roll bread

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First time home buyer's can have a smaller downpayment than the rest of the population (you can pay as little as 5%.

With that said, you'd be lucky to find a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom for under 100,000.

A typical 3 bed 2 bath is going to run you around 600,000.

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