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On-Line Backlash over Marisa Tomei cast as Aunt May in new Spiderman

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No problem with Tomei as grandmother as there are plenty of grandmothers aged 50. Its really a stereotype that grandmothers should be portrayed as white haired elderly women.

A better question is how many reboots of Spiderman they are going to do. Don't Hollywood have any original ideas?

1. Couldn't agree more. This misconception that grandmothers are these unf****ble trolls who are 80 years old is quite sad.

2. Answer? "They'll never stop" and "No. No they don't."

Seems pretty soon after the last set of movies, though. I didn't watch the any of the Andrew Garfield ones...were they really that bad that they have to start over only 3 years later?

I barely remember The Amazing Spider-Man. Wife and I watched it on tv. So it was forgettable.

As for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. We just watched that this weekend. Literally a pile of dog crap.

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