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Are you close to being banned?


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I ask this question after seeing so many 'prominent' posters being banned recently or in the not so distant past...

I'm not! BIZZES!

0 percent!

In the past, I've said some things that gave me a ban/suspension - and that has stayed on record. I've stayed clean from administrative action for two full years though.\

Unlike some people, I don't have a custom title!

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I have 3 warning points

Why? How many warning points do you have left to be banned?

I have only one warning point, and it's from 2012.

LOL, I thought you were clean-cut.

I will weasel my way out of anything. They don't call me Bobby "The Brain" Heenan for no reason. That just reminded me:

We should start a petition to have Dim Jim banned as GM. :bigblush:

Jim Banning'd

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2 suspensions apparently, 3 +1's to my record, one 0 and one -1 for good behaviour for a total of 1 warning points right now. But that was in the old days, I'm a changed man now.

But I have been a part of reason for other peoples bans, Bertuzzi Babe & some unknown clashing with me and ending up banned soon after was a great accomplishment, twas Canucks vs Boston rivalry.

"Real Men" remains in my sig ever since.

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