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Virtanen87's AMA!- Aka best mafia player


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1) How did you become the best mafia player? Can I be your apprentice?

2) Other than playing mafia, trolling and loling hard what are your hobbies?

3) You talk a lot about your good looks. Can we have a pics?

4) Thoughts on Debluvscanucks?

1) Well IRL I'm known as a pathological liar so I guess that helps me become a tricky mafia player. I think the secret to being the best is to pretend like you're the best. A good example is zfetch...He used to be a nobody on KingAlex but he came back with a vengence and swag and now I believe he is a top notch player. No offense but I think thejazz is my apprentice. You have a long way to go.

2) I'm usually busy with school and work but believe it or not I'm just like any normal 20 year old. I enjoy hockey,basketball,tennis,dodgeball,banging girls, watching movies,tv shows,weightlifting,swimming,etc....

3) I'm too controversial to post pics

4)Deb is really cute but sometimes her posts make me rage but that's just her opinion I guess

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How do you remain so delusional about being good at mafia and good

Looking with all logic, and evidence clearly proving the opposite to be reality?

Brother Aladeen, the evidence actually point towards me being the best mafia player the world has ever seen. Look at my record and the way I play the game. My record is unbeatable and I control the game like Gretzky controlled a game. As I've said before, I have 14-15 girls texting me every single day. That isn't a coincidence

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