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[Minor Trade] TOR-NSH

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This trade looks bad on paper for Nashville: Devane is an AHL enforcer and Taylor Beck can play on the 3rd or the 4th.

BUT it makes so much sense for Nashville. It is unlikely that Beck would have made the team this October. They have just too many young prospects pushing for spots and GM Poile is committed to allow them to make the team. As it stands they still have more forwards than spots available. He is just not part of their future plans and keeping a player for depth just blocks giving an opportunity to a prospect.

Also Beck has filed for arbitration and it is likely that he will get a one-way deal that the team will not be able to turn down. Reminder that any arbitration award under 3.5M has to be accepted by the team - there is no walk away in that situation.

It's also the decent thing to do for Beck's sake - it allows him to start early with a new team instead of getting picked up off waivers come October or worse be buried in the AHL. It's also not ideal for Nashville if no one picks him up and they end up paying him an NHL salary in the AHL.

They likely offered him around the league for a low pick and there were no takers. So they just took whatever offer was available and Devane was redundant in Toronto as they got Clune (after he got bought out by Nashville). With Clune gone and Liambas signed in Chicago, Nashville was anyway probably going to sign an enforcer to protect their young prospects in Milwaukee - seems it's still a needed security in the AHL.

This trade just shows how difficult it is to get value but that sometimes you have to sell low for the sake of simply moving the team forward while being fair to the player and Nashville is looking at the bigger picture - it's not about the poor return on a trade but about freeing a roster spot for a prospect that has more upside and not hindering Beck's career.

Good points you make. You won't fit in very well around here haha.

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I hate that every time there's a trade involving the Leafs, no matter how minuscule and irrelevant it is, for example this one, I always get a notification on my TSN GO app. Like honestly, I really don't care. I don't hate the Leafs, but I don't care about minor trades like these ones.

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