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Which prospect would you rather have as future x?



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Some interesting dilemmas once you start thinking about it.

I voted McCann as 1C, because I think Horvat could be one of the best second line centers in the league, especially with a bowling-ball as his right hand man in Virtanen. Shinkaruk on the wing would be cool, providing secondary scoring. Also doesn't hurt that he and Horvat are best friends.

That means Boeser would play first line RW, and while I'm not as high on him as some others are, his one timer would get a lot of sick feeds from McCann. Perhaps, he's best suited to be a second line RW/pp specialist, which is fine because Virtanen has the toolset to play all 4 lines depending on his development.

Baertschi could play first line LW, but the inclusion of McCann as a potential 2nd line LW is significant because of the Sedins. If the they're still able to play top 6, that would mean they'd play with Boeser/Virtanen, and Horvat could play with McCann, Shinkaruk, or Baertschi. That's great, because while I'm high on all three, there's a chance one of them won't work out.

Cassels seems like the perfect 3C, but the Sedins could also play third line in the tail end of their careers.

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Like, not trying to be a downer, but this thread is literally just "which player do you like more"

It's not quite. For the second poll, I'm high on Virtanen, but I see him as a top line guy, so I didn't want him as our 2R.

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I am with the other posters, some of my decisions were based on the fact that I see the players as being higher for the role listed; case in point, for the 2RW position, I saw Virtanen as a 1RW, so my decision became Boeser by default. Further, some of my decisions were based on the fact of what I knew about one prospect than the other, as in Petit over Gaudette and Boeser over Jasek.

My picks were:





Baertschi (this one very difficult to choose)

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