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Scientists discover seaweed that tastes like bacon but is better for you than kale


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Why not go for a walk on the beach, grab some of this stuff and dry it and grind it, voila you have the supplement sold in Europe @ $90 p/lb for free. The article says it grows wild on Pacific and Atlantic coast.

Most seaweed that is harvested for food or to use in a product is done off the shoreline. The seaweed washed up on beaches tends to be old, dead or not fresh in general.

Boiling vegetables can take a lot of the nutrition of them. I can only assume frying it would pretty much make it an expensive lettuce.

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" But over the past 15 years, scientists at Oregon State University in the US have created a new strain that can be farmed, and they've found that it also has some unique taste benefits."

Created.... ? In a lab somewhere, or by repetitive binding or splicing?

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