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Mafia: Fallout (Sign-Ups Closed; Game is on)


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In my finale game? Not even close. :P I had almost no time in round 2 and played it terribly enough to get voted off. By the end I think most people realised I was TP but decided it was best to lynch me anyway for info.

There were 3 or 4 subs throughout the game anyway. Wasn't the highest quality game ever. Maybe we'll do a rematch one time.

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Going off the list from a couple pages ago...

1. Beluba Whale

2. JohnsonLocke

3. BareSoxWhipman

4. Frax Mulder

5. Horvat

6. Baka 4more

7. Alabean

8. Flirtanen87

9. Dralminatrix

10. g_lassi13

11. Zfeltch

12. Master Randy-shes

13. thejizz97

14. Time Load

FTFY... Aladeen-style. Horvat is Horvat.

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No way man you're up I am always in for a town of Salem game not to mention I was probably gonna do two parter game (2 in a row if everyone is cool with that) and I haven't even begun to start it up but if your ready now do it up.

Also as a side note I have been rewatchinf Doctor Who and am on the Matt smith seasons and I have been thinking about TL more than I usually do, which is generally only during aladeens special alone time.

Heh, if you insist. Much love.

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