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Kentucky man shoots down drone hovering over his back yard

Mr. Ambien

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The only weapon mentioned in the story is the Glock he threatened the operator with. Where are you getting the #8 birdshot from? Seems you are so egar to defend this gun nut you make up stuff to defend him, like your magic bullets/pellets that go up but don't come down, or a drone that is 200 feet in the air until it's inconvenient to your argument then is suddenly 10-20 feet off the ground or a shotgun that doesn't do any damage except to drones. The last part of your argument just shows the mentality of the pro-gun lobby, hey Bubba lets go out in the back 40 and shoot each other.




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I'm completely anti-gun, but I love that this guy shot it down. Even funnier that the culprits had the balls to actually confront the guy who took it down. $1800 eh, maybe don't fly all that expensive equipment over people's properties. Clearly they knew who and where it was shot down.

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