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Getting some more better prospects

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I see a lot of Arm chair GM's wanting more & better pospects, also see a lot of what we will be doing 3 years from now when the Sedins might be done, First off the Sedins have been awesome but they are getting older. WE need depth at D & could afford a Center man prospect to go. First trade Burrows & Shinkaruk For Lecavalier & Provorov, Vancouver spends some money & get a young stud D {7th overall}, Burrows 4.5 salary cap 2 years, salary 4 & 3.....Phillie gets a needed center prospect & wants to unload LeCavalier. Lecavlier has 4.5 salary cap for 3 years, salary 4.5, 3 & 3.......Philly saves 1/2 Mil this year & the 3 in 3 years also the 4.5 cap that year..............Probably a pipe dream but who knows. Trade 2 ... Fucal, 3rd for Suban & LeCavlier, Van pays 2Mil first year of contract. Van gets Fucale to come in with Demko & Monteal gets two home town boys, Suban to play up with his bro when Markov is done & LeCavalier should have been there anyways. If Philly is a no go try Burrows there...........Trade 3 Brock Nelson & a pick For Tanev & Higgins, Islanders get a young D man & New York boy to replace centre & Nelson still isn't signed. , We just freed up 7 mil cap space plus what is left to sign Nelson & free agent Franson, Van gets a 6'3" centre only 23 to play with Sutter & signs BC boy Franson who still hasn't signed. Now you can laugh, I really want some more coming in 2-3 years from now.

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1st deal I could see Vinny moved with a prospect. Probably not Provorov but I like that idea (baggage + top prospect for pieces)

2nd and 3rd deal (especially 2nd) get a 5 :lol: out of 5. Why would they deal Fucale for Vinny and Subban, and why would we want him? Hor-awful deal.

Franson would be nice to add.

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