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3 on 3 overtime! Awesome!

Van bc

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I'm so excited to watch some of this 3 on 3. It's going to be great and quick. I'm thinking on most nights we won't even see a line change so it will important on who will be on the ice. Who would you guys put on the ice?

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As entertaining as it will be to watch the Sedins with lots of open ice to work with, we only have so much more time with them. Kesler and Burrows would have been great together in this scenario. I would like to see Virtanen, Horvat and Edler. All can skate well, they are big and fast, and all threats to score, and could dominate 3 on 3 for a long time.

Oilers are only a threat if they get the puck... but who is going to get it for them?

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