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(Proposal) Cheap improvements

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So this is our lineup ATM.








Extras: Bartkowski,Kenins,Jones

I like Burrows but he's no 1st line forward. I like Weber but he isint a top-4 defenceman. Weber is bottom pairing while Burrows is a fringe 2nd liner.

My proposal:

To Van: Drew Stafford

To Wpg: Alex Burrows

Yannick Weber

Alexander Grenier

Why Winnipeg does this: Winnipeg has a strong lineup that lacks Grit. They have 12 million in cap space and a deep d-core but they lack grit. Burrows is very close to Stafford skill and value wise. Weber is added to help with Winnipegs defensive depth( Which is already good). We toss in Grenier as a sweetener.

Why Vancouver does this: Stafford is an improvement over burrows and allows us to put Vrbata back on the top line. This move gives us 3.4 million in cap space to sign a defenceman. Grenier isint a huge loss as hes redundant in our prospect pool of RW's with Virtanen Boeser and Jensen ahead of him. We move Weber because he becomes redundant and hes getting paid 1.5.

Christian Ehrhoff said he would take a 1 tear deal and with the new cap space we can afford to pick him up. Im proposing 1yr/3 million to play top-4 until the deadline where we can move him if needed. This leaves us with 400k in cap space and 14 forwards and 7 dmen.

Sedin Sedin Vrbata

Baertschi Sutter Stafford

Higgins Horvat Hansen

Prust Vey Dorsett

Edler Tanev

Hamhuis Ehrhoff

Sbisa Corrado





I think that lineup looks alot better and if need be we can move guys at the deadline.

Vrbata Hamhuis Stafford Higgins Prust Ehrhoff

Overall a better lineup and more options for the future.

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Yes to Ehrhoff.

Heck no to that trade, it makes the Sutter trade look like a bargain. Why would we give up that much? :picard:

Burrows is very close to Stafford skill and value wise. Weber is added to help with Winnipegs defensive depth( Which is already good). We toss in Grenier as a sweetener.

Fact of the matter is, 1) as you said Burr is already roughly the same in value as Drew, 2) Weber will be one of our better (if underrated) offensive D-men who we will rely on, and 3) adding Grenier for no reason will get Benning so many bouquets he will have enough stock to open his own flower shop once he gets let go as a GM. Aside from those points, Burr already has chemistry with the Twins and Stafford is a very streaky player. The only thing that Drew may have on Burr is his relatively younger age (though he's almost 30 himself). So many reasons to say no (unless we get a young forward or prospect back).

EDIT: LOL how'd OP get banned?

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Sorry don't like this proposal at all. First off Not sure if Stafford is at all better than Burrows, Stafford cap is 4,350,00 for 2 years & Burrows is 4,500,00 for 2 years , Weber is 1.5, Greinier doesn't count, looks like a difference of 1,650,000 Not 3.4 Mil................Looks like a throw in of Weber getting 1.5 which is about right for a 6th D Man & Greinier also for nothing, Erhoff isn't my favorite & obviously a lot of people think the same or he would be signed by now. Vancouver also nixes this as Burrows Salary not his cap hit is 1.6 Mil less over the 2 years..........Stafford 4,350,000 & Burrows 4 & 3 over 2 years, so we would giving money, a No6 D Man & a prospect {Vancouver wants to take a look at} for a maybe. I do like looking at all the different proposals though, Thanx for the input.

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If you really want Stafford (I wouldn't mind him to be honest), I'd go with this:

TO VAN: Drew Stafford

TO BUF: Burrows + Weber + 5th round pick

He scored around the same amount of points as Burrows but really lit it up with Winnipeg, so I think he'd be hard to pry off their hands. Weber and the 5th just make up for the age difference. Plus, as a right handed shot he may even have some success with the Sedins.

Then, instead of Ehrhoff I'd much rather sign Franson for obvious reasons - he's younger, brings more offence, plays PP better and is more physical than Ehrhoff.

Sign him to a 1 or 2 year, 4.5M deal.

Sedin - Sedin - Vbrata

Baertschi - Sutter - Stafford

Higgins - Horvat - Hansen

Dorsett - Vey - Prust




Edler - Tanev

Hamhuis - Franson

Sbisa - Barktowski


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