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D-Prospect a need.

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The canucks have done a good job of loading up on talent for the future. however all that loading up has been offensively... with Edler and Corrado as the only Canucks drafted prospects dman (Tanev was undrafted). I thought they'd adress that this year and drafting a great D-prospect instead of taking Boeser at 24 (WE HAVE ENOUGH TOP 9 WINGERS). Since this organization hates drafting D-men, i propose we make a move for one. I have a few proposals.

Possible partners

CAR: Fleury

VAN: Jensen, Grenier

They are stocked with defensive depth and can sacrifice this prospect since they have Faulk, Hanifin, Murphy, McKoewn etc.

FLA: Matheson

VAN: McCann/Cassels/Baertschi

NYI: Pulock, 3rd

VAN: Vrbata

(Deadline deal ^)


Assuming Philly is in a contender by the deadline.

PHI: Provorov, Lecavalier
VAN: Hamhuis (50%) , Higgins, Vey/Jensen/Guance, and Tryamkin rights.

(Deadline Deal^)

Although farfetched, If the Islander and Philly trade could get pulled off theyd have an offensive QB for the PP in Pulock and a defensive stud in Provorov.



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There's no way Jensen and Grenier equal a 7th overall pick.

I'd rather keep our offensive stars.

Vrbata could get way more at the deadline.

The only one that's semi realistic is the Philly deal, and even then... yikes.

Let's draft good d-men and groom the ones we already have instead.

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i'ld like to see them go after shattenkirk after this season....that would set them up for a few years...they can't trade players they don't want for players they do want....it doesn't work like that...

He'll be 27 after this year. It could work, but I'd like to acquire a d-man who's 25 and under. Maybe that's too difficult though.

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I'd try to trade Jensen for McKeown and that's about it.

Canes could probably use Jensen given how Gerbe's in their Top-6 and guys like Terry and Malone aren't Top-6 guys. Jensen can play that offensive role for them as he's been passed over here, and we can use McKeown to be our all-round guy moving forward.

Agreed that the Carolina and Philly deals are in our favor, and I wouldn't do the Isles or Panthers deals.

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The Canucks defensive prospect pool is incredibly weird. They have a ridiculous amount of defensive prospects, but pretty much all of them are nothing special. It's like getting a bunch of the same thing, but that thing isn't worth much to start with.

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