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25 years ago...


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well. since it´s a festive day tomorrow I decided share some cool story me and my family (most of them) faced 25 years ago.

it´s a long post so if you don´t like read stop here. if you don´t mind read you´ll see a cool story.

but to understand that you´ll need this map:


most of people here know I´m from Brazil and many of them know I´m from Manaus but I don´t live there anymore. my "base" now is Curitiba and as you can see there´s a big distance between the 2 cities. almost the same distance between Toronto and Calgary, more if you consider that there are no direct flights between Manaus and Curitiba to you have to go to São Paulo first...

THIS is the story how my family moved from the jungle´s city to one of the wierdest cities on earth...

25 years ago. January 1990

don´t remember the day and if someday I find the airline ticket (of if my mom remember the precise day) I will tell you people I had 5 years living in a city where the lowest temperature registered was 18 Celsius which for Manaus´ people means -100C because they´re used with no less than 25C....

you know. it´s the jungle and bla,bla,bla

my "dad" wasn´t a true inspiration of a real dad. he had basically 2 choices on his life. family and beer. he choose the beer...

however my mom decided that we needed a better life outside from his "beered" influence and decided that we should start a new life in a new region of this country. the south is known by having the best quality of life in Brazil so since she worked on a federal university was easier to her move to another university...





PS: the "eye shaped" thing is located just 2 blocks away from my house...

imagine you move from Miami to Toronto. same language but 300% diferent culture. that´s the same thing of move from Manaus to Curitiba. looks like they´re not even on the same country and if you consider the distance you will become even more suspicious...

25 years ago on a hot night that I will remember forever we made that move...

and was on this plane...


the good and old A300 B2K from VASP airlines flying the VP 4235 from Manaus to Porto Alegre with stops in Brasilia and São Paulo. sadly this plane is being scrapped somewhere in Brazil...

a mom with 2 kids moving to a wierd and cold city where is normal have 5C during the summer. if you like cold on a season other than winter Curitiba is your city!

3C in December? (summer here) only in Curitiba!

totally diferent culture, a city filled with European descendants such as Italians, Germanies, Polish, Russians, Ukranians, French, British and of course Japanese, they´re now Europeans of course but somehow the Japanese people here behave like Europeans...

we took some time to adapt but since the move we learned the best of 2 cities...

for a few years we didn´t tell about our origins. yes, there´s racism in Brazil and even more in Curitiba where anything less than "white" is considered "black"...

However what most people overseas don´t know is that the racism in Brazil is more related where did you came from than you skin colour.

so in many cities in Brazil if you say "I came from the North or Northeast" people thing you´re some sort of bandit, drug dealer or just some people they don´t want there. even if both came from the same country

so we learned fast that on this new city called Curitiba people from the North weren´t welcomed...

years passed. I studied like a super-nerd and became a Pilot, opened my eyes and rediscovered myself...

flew back to the jungle, lived in Vancouver for a while, then in Ormond Beach/USA and then back to my wierd country...

not "representing Brazil". I was there as myself, as Rodrigo Mota

you know what I learned after all this time? my origins are cool...

I came from a city located in the middle of the jungle where the Amazon river can be seen from your house anywhere in Manaus.

my mom decided to bring us a better future, a better education, a beter life. not on the side of a "man" that choosen the beer instead his family...

I´m descended from people from the Northeast, from the Maranhão and Ceará state (again, see the map) and I learned to fight only if the cause if good enought. and if you fight for this cause fight to the end.


São Luis. biggest city in Maranhão.


Fortaleza. biggest city in Ceará.

I´m a good damm "Cabra da Peste"! (means "f#$¨¨$ awesome" in northeast dialect)

I don´t have a wife yet by my nephew (4 years) and I are great partners. we play videogame together and we watch hockey together B)

because 25 years ago we moved to the unknown, but we fought, we studied, we became straight.

and now after all this adventure and learning I can tell for sure because no matter what happens ahead of me.

I´m a big "Cabra da Peste"! B)

and I´m a Canucks fan even if I don´t know very much about hockey. :lol:


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Best way to troll a Brazilian = speak Spanish to them / ask them how is Mexico.

yo estoy muy bien gracias

yo tambien hablo un poco de espanhol (mas entiendo perfectamente) porque enquanto ustedes tienen Mexico y Cuba proximo de EEUU y Canada

nosostros tenemos toda la America del Sur como vecino y casi todos ellos hablan español y todos los dias vemos elles aqui.

also because Spanish and Portuguese have a common origin. the Latim. so we learn each language very fast...

and unlike many people the only document I need to visit Buenos Aires (for example) is my drive license...

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I stopped reading at:

"you know. it's the jungle and bla, bla.bla.."

why do you even read? is your goal later be totaly unpolite with other people so you look "cool" saying "what you did is a piece o s$%?"

not gonna work with me pal...

why don´t you just learn something from my story? like that there is racism in Brazil but is a diferent one. or something else like that "Rio de Janeiro" is a city but also a state or something else...

so you can talk like a real man with people and not just about GTA V or some stupid "violence for free" game...

I´m sharing this to the people interested about some good and real story about some CDC member, in this case me...

if you don´t like my post why don´t you go troll somebody else?

because while you troll I´m actually learning something...

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Don't listen to the "I stopped reading at" crowd, Aero. For the most part, that sentence should end with "age five".

I for one, love these stories that you occasionally post. Always great to see and learn about other cultures and a country as large and diverse as Brazil has much to teach those that care to listen.

Great photos too. Keep it up.

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Don't listen to the "I stopped reading at" crowd, Aero. For the most part, that sentence should end with "age five".

I for one, love these stories that you occasionally post. Always great to see and learn about other cultures and a country as large and diverse as Brazil has much to teach those that care to listen.

Great photos too. Keep it up.

yeah. thanks for the comment :)

The photos aren´t mine, I took from wikipedia :)

we´re a messy country but somehow people overseas love this mess. they come and stay. ask Kurtis. don´t know why he visit so much Belem. ok it´s his wife´s city but looks like he deeply love that caos I lived for many years :)

sometimes I can´t understand people :lol:

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I learned Brazil has real buildings and roads and cars and everything. Its like a real place.

My understanding had been that the whole country was just a dozen or so massive soccer stadiums surrounded by corrupt politicians and hiding Nazi war criminals.

and call the place where they live as "Santa Catarina" (true fact)

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