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Tianjin Explosion

Hidden Panda

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"Earthquake authorities recorded the tremors created by the blasts, likening the first, at 11.34pm, to an explosion of three tonnes of TNT, and the second, 34 seconds later, to 21 tonnes."

"The deadly explosion occurred in a warehouse owned by a company named Ruihai Logistics, licensed to handle dangerous goods in the port of Tianjin. An official environmental report in 2013 said that a fire or blast at Ruihai’s warehouses would not have had a considerable impact on the neighbouring area, which includes residential high-rise buildings, a convention centre and a sports stadium."

Video of the explosion: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=0e5_1439474009(foul language)

Website with blast radius infographics: http://multimedia.scmp.com/tianjin-explosions/

Ho-Lee Crap

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