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New York Times on Harper and the willful ignorance of Canadians


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We aren't just talking about 'someone'. We are talking about Stephen Harper, and his reputation is far from stellar. Is there a rational reason to vote for Harper? I don't care what age you are....I have yet to see one.

The guy is surrounded by criminals....the only skill that has impressed me is his ability to evade being charged for all the disingenuous practices his party engages in.

Here's several reasons NOT to vote for Harper: (just a few of many)

-Selling off resource interests to China

-Giving away our softwood lumber

-Subversive tactics to guarantee success in the last federal election

-Failure to reform the Senate despite making that very act an election promise

-Muzzling of scientists

-Participation in overseas conflicts that ultimately paved the way for ISIS

-Cutting social programs including support for war veterans

-Lying to the public, claiming to be a stalwart fiscal manager, despite running up Canada's debt dramatically during his tenure

I am not 100% convinced by Mulcair or Trudeau, but it would be hard to do worse than Stephen Harper at this point.

Careful what you wish for on that last sentence there. I agree, Harper's best before date has passed, but Canadians need to be careful. In Alberta, Jim Prentice and the rest of the Conservatives needed to go badly, we needed change. Prentice would've done so much harm. The only problem is, Alberta elected Rachel Notely, and are now realizing what a horrible mistake that was. Harper needs to go yes, but I wouldn't put any money on Trudeau or Mulclair. This is gonna be a trickey election, I can't see a winning scenario in it.

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Notely has been in power for what, a month and a half? Probably going to take a wee bit more time to cast any judgement.

That is, aside from the judgement cast by big oil guys, who've already seen jobs vanish under the prior government.

I think any government who attempts to recreate a balanced economy will be more equipped than Harper was at handling the economy. He willfully ignored all warnings that we were too dependant on oil, and then failed to land Keystone. That's that.

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