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post and the liquor will say positive things about the drinking ones

Twilight Sparkle

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Bad News Barrett disapprove.

the liquor approves of walking one! the loyalty you've had with walking one, twilight, surpasses what sleeman honey couldn't do. walking one twilight, moved on from long time liquor one, sleeman honey, but remains loyal to walking one-- even though walking one, twilight, found a new drinking one, kronenbourg. drinking ones change, but walking ones remain!

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What do you eat in the morning?

- Rubber buns and liquor

What do you eat for lunch?

- Rubber buns and liquor

What do you do when your girlfriend comes over?

- Rubber buns and liquor

Having flash backs to Elementary school jokes.

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dirty sassy liquor

drinking one makes this one feel at home! this one likes that drinking one enjoys sassy ones!

All my kindness to liquor is taken for weakness.

drinking one drinks these ones because walking ones are weak D: drinking one isn't weak. drinking one flows down sweet liquory road, while watching walking ones toil in the **** abyss

How's the liquor treating you this evening?

steel&oak red pilsner. try. it.

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