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CDC Mix Exchange 2015

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I think there's a difference between getting a mix that is similar type music to what you listen to but from a different band/artist than music that you just don't like. For eg. most electronic music gives me a headache, I wouldn't be happy listening to that. If someone made a mix with bands/artists that are in the same vain as what I already listen to but I haven't heard before I would probably be really stoked about it. Even if it is a genre that you know well there are probably still a lot of bands that you don't know about.

You are exactly on point.

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Also, why wouldn't people want to receive a mix that isn't something they listen to on the daily?

Yes, some stuff is very niche and relative to the mix curator only, but why would you want to receive music from a genre you already know really well? Chances are, you know the songs/artist already and you're not really expanding on your capacity to rate and analyze music objectively. As well, for the person who happens to rate your mix, you get to see their perspective on how they view the stuff you're listening to.

For example, I was really intrigued as to why GJ didn't like Incubus. I'm not a fan boy or forum guy of their's by any means but there's a general reception that I've personally seen that implies that they're a good, well-liked band, and not some sort of niche. So I wonder what the issue is there. Is it GJ's personal preference? Is there something lacking in the music, whether it be lyrics or the instruments, that I am overlooking due to bias?

I dunno, I feel this type of mix exchange is correct, unless the goal of it was supposed to be different.

well, i don't disagree with most of what you're saying - like, if someone were to make a mix for me and they put incubus on it, i wouldn't be rolling my eyes or something, even though i don't dig incubus.

but the examples i made reference to... things like meme rap and anime OST, to me, are just things that don't, and will not ever, interest me for like 40 minutes and a subsequent conversation. ya, it can be funny for a few mins here and there, but not something i wanna _actually_ listen to

"genre" is so broad. just because someone digs hip hop doesn't mean they are full exposed to Madlib, or something. just because someone like folk music doesn't mean they've heard Nick Drake, or just because someone likes classic rock doesn't mean they've heard Station to Station -- it is the responsibility of the 'curator' to make a mix that is interesting and potentially enjoyable for the listener. If they get partnered up with someone who digs classic rock and so they put Stairway to Heaven on the mix, that is the curators fault, not the listeners, IMO. it's just a boring selection

i am not trying to censor selections - obviously i am encouraging people to pick songs THEY enjoy and want to share. i was just trying to eliminate the Bangs - Take U 2 Da Moviez element

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Fair enough.

I don't believe there's anything wrong with preferring to hear more serious - for lack of a better describing term - types of music than let's say meme rap/anime OST/whatever. So for that, I definitely agree with.

Also, I should have done a better job at explaining what I meant by saying that if we only review the same types of genre, we're not really going anywhere. I should have specified sub-genres and such. Of course, there are many styles of rock, hip-hop, rap, edm, whatever. So to make a blanket statement like that is my bad.

I guess if we're looking for new artists/albums/songs within a genre/sub-genre, then absolutely having mix exchanges as such would be well warranted. My only issue, and a minor one at that, was that I saw a few posts that were mentioning the mix exchange should have been directed towards a specific type of music and that there was a bit of shock and surprise when there happened to be an array of different music selections in the final result. Nothing in the OP suggested the mix needed to be like this, so I was bit puzzled as to why a few people felt this way.

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