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American passengers overpower gunman in France


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I also believe that If the US upholds their second amendment right to bear arms then I also believe that their regulars (Military personnel) should train their militia (armed civilians) while on leave or retired. This should be part of your "Homeland Security Firearms" training if you would certainly like to "bear arms" on US soil. Not only would it uphold their US constitutional right but it would also save quite a few lives every year due to carelessness or misuse of firearms due to inadequate training.

Hand to hand combat training would also be included...free of charge.

Interesting idea. I think the toughest part to implement it is that it would require government funding, so that lower income people would not be deprived of the training and/or have this as an obstacle to ownership.

I wonder if there are studies that compare accidental gun-related deaths/injuries with income or education. I searched a little, but couldn't find anything useful in the short time I had.

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As I understand it, there were also 3 others who were also involved in stopping this guy who aren't getting as much media attention. One was American and friends with the two soldiers. One other was British, and the 5th was French.

The 3 Americans and British man were awarded the highest honor for a citizen in France.

The 5th man who is French has elected to stay anonymous but will be rewarded as soon as he recoveries from his injuries.

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