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Rob Ford's brother will run for Conservative leadership when Harper steps down


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I like it. Trumpmania downstairs and Fordmania up here.

Stop everything, the Ford brothers officially want Canadians to know about their federal political ambitions.

Rob Ford spoke to Bloomberg on Thursday, confirming his brother Doug would consider stepping into a Conservative leadership race if a minority government forms on Oct. 19, which may prompt Stephen Harper to step down, he said.

Ford, former mayor of Canada’s largest city and admitted smoker of crack cocaine, added that Doug is “as popular as anyone else across Canada.”

The former Toronto city councillor wasn't shy about sharing his confidence about the Conservative leader’s leadership, saying Harper has his “100 per cent” support.

“I don’t think I’ll have to because hopefully he’ll be prime minister for the next 20 years,” Doug said. The two brothers also weighed in on the trial of Mike Duffy unfolding before an Ottawa court.

Rob called Nigel Wright’s intention behind cutting Duffy a $90,00 cheque “sincere” and Doug praised Harper’s character, calling him “honest as the day is long.”

The Huffington Post Canada asked the Conservative party for comment about the Ford brothers’ endorsement. This post will be updated if the party responds.

The latest Ford fodder of course stoked some knee-jerk and creative reactions.



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Not a chance he gets it... He'd have zero appeal to the Christian voting base out west.

It would be funny though and pretty much ensure a con loss.

He said he will run for leadership if the Cons win a minority government.

So he can't contribute to a con loss, no? EDIT: at least not this year?

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Why would it make the Conservatives unelectable because Doug Ford wants to run in a leadership race?

Mr ndp'er getting way ahead of himself. :)

I think he's talking about if Doug Ford actually (somehow) became the leader of CPC.

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Saber fan, are you implying you would prefer a polititian who is bought and paid for like clinton then?


I would prefer a truly independent third party choice that has no obligations to any donors. I also want to be a multi-millionaire, but since neither of those things are going to happen, I'm gonna go by process of elimination for now.

Also, because I'm a terrible grammar/spelling Nazi when it comes to intelligent people like you, it's spelled "disgusting"

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The thing we're overlooking here is what if Doug Ford is nothing like his brother?

Rob Ford wasn't actually that bad as a mayor, except for the boozing, drugs, womanizing, etc. He was actually liked by a decent amount of people because he was considered a "man of the people".

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