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Mafia: Coven [Mafia win!]

Master Radishes

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Mafia: Coven


The 13 most powerful witches of the world have gathered in their Coven. It has come to the attention of the worldwide community of witches that some among their number have secretly converted to Good - they've been using their magic to help regular people! They find lost puppies, prevent accidents, and even volunteer at soup kitchens! This simply can't be. The witches of the world have a sacred tradition of mischief and evil cackling to uphold.

The Coven has met to eradicate the good-doers once and for all. Unable to use their magic to find the Good Witches (the latter just use their magic to hide themselves, duh), they have locked themselves in a magic-free spell that can only be broken once the Good Witches have been thoroughly eradicated. But the Good Witches won't go down without a fight...

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Master Radishes


1. Time Lord
2. Beluga Whale
3. Intoewsables (+Aladeen)
4. JohnLocke
5. Dral
6. g_bassi13
7. Zfetch
8. ilduce39
9. Fox Mulder
10. Nail3738
11. One one two
12. HashtagNucks
13. Horvat

Total: 13


IMPORTANT NOTE: Signing up for this game means committing to the pledge of activity. Please do not sign up if you can not commit.


I pledge to dedicate at least one week to the playing of this game, posting as actively as possible and playing to the best of my abilities.



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Standard Rules


Notable Changes

1) There will be 9 regular TP (Evil Witches), 3 Mafia (Good Witches), and 1 Doctor. All players will be assigned a fictional/mythical witch character. Characters give no indication of alignment; they are simply for a bit of flavour.

2) Deadlines will be at midnight (PST). This, however, may change round to round due to the GM's uncertain schedule and time zone difficulties. Any changes to the deadline will be announced as early as possible. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused.

3) There is no PM communication allowed except for the Mafia chat. If the rule is broken, please inform the GM immediately and invite him into the PM. Action taken will be dependent on the influence the PM may have on gameplay; forced substitution is the likeliest solution.

4) Players have the option to extend the round by another 24 hours if they wish. Simply type Extend Round (in bold). Unvote Extend Round is allowed (in bold). If a majority (50% +1) of players vote to extend the round, 24 hours will be added to the original end of the round, giving the round a total of 48 hours. This action can only be performed once per round.

Any questions or comments can be addressed to me.

Have fun and good luck!

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Hosting list

1. GFY - ?

2. Virtanen - DBZ

3. Horvat - secret societies and stuff

4. MR - Firefly or Hunger Games

5. BOH - Assassin's Creed

6. Aladeen - Star Wars pt I

7. Aladeen - Star Wars pt II

8. JohnLocke - ?

9. Baka - ?

10. Dral - ?

Note: GFY may start his game prior to this game finishing. Signing up for both games is entirely at your discretion.

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