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Mafia: Coven [Mafia win!]

Master Radishes

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Either you come out as normal TP, people believe you and you help narrow down the Mafia special targets, you come out as TP and are accused of BS by half the game's populace and end up getting lynched; Or you claim Mafia and get yourself killed.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

First round will just about always be a crapshoot. :P

This is the most you've ever posted in any round I feel lol

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Oh, neat. I'd see some value in extending the first round instead of another. rReads are likely to be less reliable given that there aren't any nightfalls to work from and more time could compensate. Then again, it could put us in a dull where we don't feel we have to do anything today as there would be time enough later.

I'm cool with just using it on a day everyone's busy on, which seems to be across the weekend sometime.

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since I'm working night shifts and probably won't get to participate much this first round...

and because I'm regular TP

vote extendz (not that I need it)

Stupid excuse by Dral after roles are handed out.

The "Since something...I wont be something...so something...don't lynch me" speech

Also if Dral is regular TP he should be aiming to contribute more, not less

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