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Mafia: Coven [Mafia win!]

Master Radishes

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Our goal is to make the first round not a crapshoot tho

That 'tho' was unnecessary.

It makes the text seem more indefinite which is a strategy mafia use so they don't get called out.

It's like saying that so far I PROBABLY think either Dral or 112 is mafia. If I were to say that it makes me look like I'm considering it as a probability.

Instead of what TP usually do, which is call out someone straight up without the use of a indefinite word like 'tho'

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Yeah, this is kind of the point of the whole active game but.(THAT'S NOT EVEN THE RIGHT PUNCTUATION) We talk enough to draw the mafia out and see if we can dig up something actually lynch-worthy.

So uh, don't throw in the towel yet.

Intoews either missed the entire 3rd grade, or is mafia.

Yet again with these iffy posts.

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Forgot to mention that anyone who votes for me is definitely confirmed mafia. This is a great start.

Unvote; Vote Intoews
Intoews is BSing. I know that I'm not mafia, so. your statement is false meaning you're a liar, liar pants on fire.(You would know that since you graduated Grade 2)

These past 2 joke posts aside, at least 1 of Dral, 112, JL or Intoews is mafia.

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Stupid excuse by Dral after roles are handed out.

The "Since something...I wont be something...so something...don't lynch me" speech

Also if Dral is regular TP he should be aiming to contribute more, not less

hence why I want to extend the round...

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Why does anyone want to vote to extend the first round? It's still going to be a crapshoot.

Nobody is going to come out and claim to be mafia, and with our pledge to be active every round there should be more than enough info to base a vote on.

Whoever votes to extend the first round is basically confirmed mafia.

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