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Your Canucks stuffs... (other than a jersey)


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Alright, so in the picture, there is:

- 3 Jerseys: Mils, 40th, and Kesler home

- 2 Hats: Bo Horvat customized hat (right) and a skate logo hat.

- 2 blankets: one blue and green, the other navy/maroon

- 1 toque: skate logo

- 1 Kesler shirsey

Outside of the photo, I have two more Canucks hats (one blue, one green), a Naslund McFarland figurine (visor missing), a Betuzzi/Ohlund/Naslund poster, a Luongo figurine from McDonald's, a blue/green toque, and many many hockey cards. There might be more, I'm not sure.

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I have about a dozen posters, not all hung up.

Luongo "Stick in rink" Jersey.

Naslund "orca" home Jersey.

Countless game programs and season ticket books.

06-07 mini puck collection (entire roster) (do any of you guys remember the province promotions?)

About half a dozen autographs and autogrpahed pennants.

Countless Hockey cards dating back 30 years.

And one of those foam puck hats you get at the gift shop :P.

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A Naslund poster, a Sedins poster (from when they were like 20), loads of Canuck hockey cards, two Canucks flags, a 2011 playoff run towel (I didn't go to the game, someone else got it for me), and a bunch of Canuck clothing.

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Rick Rypen Manitoba Moose Jersey, Bure and Linden Skate Jerseys, Naslund and Luongo Orca Jersey, Bo Horvat Hat, Sedin stick in th rink jerseys, Daniel sedin Hatrick stick (broken)

Some posters, and a toque

A pretty good collectiion.

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