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(Rumour) Eklund says Canucks interested in Lars Eller

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Eklund has it as an e3

No mention of what Habs want in return.

I see them in a kind of win now mode.

Not sure what to make of this rumour Canucks first 3Cs are set and unless they plan to move vey that 4c spot seems his to lose.

It is Eklund after all so don't flame the messenger

I like Ellar. He plays a hard nosed game. Why would the Habs trade him? I don't see it, but if they would take Burrows, or Higgins, or both, then DO IT Jimmy Boy!

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This very well could have some truth to it, however it's likely an old rumor that Eklund is just catching wind of.

I wouldn't be surprised if in their talks for trading Kassian that the Canucks didn't try and get Eller as part of the deal, but had to settle on Prust.

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