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Mafia: The Anime

Go Faulk Yourself

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Welcome to Mafia: The Anime!

CDC's favourite weeaboo is now going to take over the hosting role this time around. Hopefully your ventures into the 2D world will be a glorious one! Again, sorry it took so long to get this thread up..


There is no backstory to this game, other than it is le Anime. This game will have mostly Vanilla roles, except for one or two twists, that have been done before in games previous. There is a chance I will add a power every round, for that round, at random, which can either go to the Mafia, or TP.

Please read the standard rules here:


Notable Rule Changes:

Nightfall will be at 10PM (PST). This will likely not change and should remain consistent throughout the duration of this game.

You may only VOTE ONCE in the round. Once you have voted, IT IS FINAL, and you CANNOT UNVOTE.

Private messaging is completely prohibited unless started by the GM of the game. Mafia will start in a PM with the rest of their team. There will be one to two roles that will allow for PMing, again, started by the GM when initiated.

Optional: Up entirely to those who sign up, this game can take place with NO SHERIFF+Kingpin and/or NO DOCTOR (MED KIT INSTEAD), please make sure to voice your opinion on this matter. With the removal of Sheriff/Doctor, there will be excess powers added each round for ONE round that will allow for investigation/save. Again, this can also end up in Mafia hands.

Hosting list

Virtanen - DBZ

Horvat - secret societies and stuff

MR - Firefly or Hunger Games

BOH - Assassin's Creed

Aladeen - Star Wars pt I

Aladeen - Star Wars pt II

JohnLocke - ?

Baka - ?

Dral - ?

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