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Anyone planning on going to see the Canucks in Boston? I'm very interested in going and would like to know people's experiences and the cheapest way to book hotel/flight. Thanks for any information.

I've been to Boston, I found it to be very average and did not offer anything any other U.S. city would. TBH I felt an undercurrent of rudeness while I was there. I did enjoy having lunch around the Harvard area though, but that was just one afternoon of the 4 days spent there. I would have though a Rangers game would offer better times.

If you really want to go to a Bruins game, I would definitely sit in the lower bowl.

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Anyone planning on going to see the Canucks in Boston? I'm very interested in going and would like to know people's experiences and the cheapest way to book hotel/flight. Thanks for any information.

Better off going to watch Chicago. That team is more intact than the Bruins...

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I haven't been personally but I did have a friend that attended game 6. He said he was heckled and had crap thrown at him from the start to the end of the game. Even in pre game skate.

As a die hard, I wouldn't want to ever sell you against going and supporting the greatest sporting franchise of ALL time on the road but unless you have a box I wouldn't recommend mingling in that dumpster of a city.

The people are classless. The city is garbage other than some decent night life. It's a nice change for a couple nights from Vancouver's night life but I'd still rather die than live there.

Not to mention, your hard earned Canadian money would be leaving our economy and supporting that dumpster.

Sorry to be so negative.

I guess antagonizing Lucic at that bar in Boston didn't go too well for ya?

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As someone who was just recently in Boston on a work trip I'll give you my impressions:

If you love history it's definitely a city worth visiting, there is a lot of really cool museums there and things to check out.

There are also tons of really neat shops, bars, and places to eat and watch the game. I'm struggling to remember the name of the place we went to watch pre-season NFL football, but they had over 100 beers on tap. It was amazing and the food was stellar.

That being said it's an OLD city, and the traffic, and roads are horrible. I've never been to another American city where they didn't repaint the lines on the roads, or give warning of lane merges and that type of thing. It was like you get thrown in a car and told "good luck." It was incredibly stressful to drive there, and Massachusetts probably has the worst drivers of any state. For some reason, they wear this as a badge of honor. Go figure.

Public transportation is non-existent, as in most American cities. You don't know how jealous I am of Vancouver after I visited there.

The people are okay, but they have that rough accent that will make you wonder if you did something wrong, and when I was nursing a nurse actually asked while I smiled so much. Cause I'm not a miserable human being I guess?

Overall, it's probably my least favorite American city of the 20+ major cities I've been to this year.

If you're going to go somewhere in winter time I'd also probably avoid the US North East. The snow can be a nightmare, but you're also talking to a guy that lives in Kentucky, so what do I know about "real snow?" lol

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i remember going to the Canucks v Hawks playoff games in Vancouver and fans booed Seabrook's grandparents...so...we aint that classy either.

Also, there is that little blemish we call the riots. Not 1, but 2 in our short history. Yes it wasn't "canucks" fans who started it, but there were still a load of Canucks fans watching who chose to join in/do nothing.

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I don't think I could do it.

Certain places, you'd have to be brave and expect a few horses A**'s to come out of the woodwork.

On the same note, I sat with my brothers friend who was wearing a Calgary jersey in GM Place a few years back. Calgary won in a decent match.

On the way out of the building he was heckled to no end. Not in a funny way either. Seriously mean, and threatening. He kept cool and would just remind them of the score. Nothing- condescending...

It seemed to enrage people more though.

It was kind of shameful to see it come from fellow fans in front of me. It seemed there was a lame fan every 200 feet. I won't go into details about the skytrain ride home either.

Note: Heckling and picking on someone else for wearing some laundry you don't like, is NOT supporting your team. It's pretty much boarder-lined public bullying.

It's being a total D*** and it makes everyone with your jersey look bad.

Half the time, I think it's just drunken morons, but just in case anyone who acts like that is in here, I'd like to formally renounce you as a Canucks fan AND fans of hockey. Stay home and don't re-produce.

Also, anyone that laughs at that kind of crap is no good as a fan either.

Keep it classy!

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Its a great city to check out. You may get a few assholes who will try to heckle you if ur wearing Canucks colors but I've had good experiences there a couple of times. bostonians are just passionate about their sports.

I have always flown out of Seattle to Bos. seemed to get cheaper rates

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