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Metal detectors being introduced this year... chaos?


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I just saw that the Canucks are implementing metal detectors this year as part of an NHL mandate. Other NHL teams have been using these for a while, presumably without any hiccups. However... Rogers Arena isn't the "normal" type of arena. It has a lot less entrances due to the design and my tiny brain can't comprehend how on earth they are going to manage to get 18,000 people through metal detectors in a window of about 30 minutes (which is when the majority of people arrive).

Assuming it takes an average of 15 seconds per person, per detector (which I think is generous), that's 120 people per metal detector in a 30 minute span. So to get 18,000 people through, you would need to have 150 metal detectors and 150 trained qualified people working them. Even if we assume some people arrive early, which they will, and only 15,000 people will arrive between 6:30 and 7:00, this still seems like a massive burden and I don't see how it works given the layout of Rogers Arena. Seems like there will be a huge chokehold somewhere.

If I were going to the home opener I'd be arriving really early...


CBC Article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vancouver-canucks-introduce-metal-detectors-for-games-1.3230820

Vancouver Canucks introduce metal detectors for games

Edmonton Journal Opinion Piece: http://edmontonjournal.com/news/politics/no-need-to-treat-an-american-disease-that-we-dont-have

Fear trumps common sense with metal detectors at Oilers games

“It no longer matters if a security measure makes sense, if it’s cost-effective or if it mitigates any actual threats,” Schneier recently wrote on his blog. “All that matters is that you took the threat seriously, so if something happens you won’t be blamed for inaction … It’s an attitude I’ve seen before: ‘Something must be done. This is something. Therefore, we must do it.’ Never mind if the something makes any sense or not.”

YouTube Video from the Canucks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yTUD0Z-QAI

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They search the bags outside before you get into the regular lineup.

I went to a Stars game in Dallas a few years back and they had them back then. I really didn't notice an issue with them at all. They're not like the airport ones and people were just walking through the doors at normal pace. I guess if one goes off, they'd pull you aside and let other people go through while they wand you.

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The focus is on the health and safety of the paying public. What may seem like an inconvenience initially is meant to be for our own good. I say let the security experts manage the process, arrive a little early and enjoy the game.

How many issues have they had in the past to make this necessary? Just another unnecessary security measure to control everyone.

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Even if they have them the amount of time it will take to search every bag isn't practical.

I don't see how it's gonna work.

I sit my ass down in front of my big screen TV, and don't worry about how long it takes to get through security. I hated the safety nets. I hated the glass. And now this measure just confirms, it's better to watch from my Lazy Boy.

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The metal detectors sensitivity will be turned down compared to metal detectors at airports; they only conduct a secondary search (or hand-wanding) if you are carrying a lot of metal on you (presumably like a gun or knife). At least this was my experience a few times in Phoenix. You don't have to worry about your keys, watched, jewelry, etc.

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