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Man posing as officer tried to abduct girl, Winnipeg police say

Angry Goose

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Police have charged a man with impersonating a peace officer after he allegedly attempted to abduct a girl in the North End Saturday. (CBC)

Police have arrested a man they say posed as an officer while trying to arrest an 11-year-old girl Saturday night.

The suspect approached a group of kids in the North End at about 9 p.m. Friday pretending to be a police officer. He singled out an 11-year-old girl, put her arms behind her back and attempted to arrest her, police said.

The girl started screaming and neighbours in the Boyd Avenue and Powers Street area took notice.

Police were called to the scene where they arrested the man.

He has been charged with attempted abduction of a person under 14 years of age, impersonating a peace officer, assault and probation violation.

He remains in custody.


Yeah I know it is not OK to torture people, but this guy ought to feel a lot of pain, and I mean a lot of it,

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hopefully the probation violation plus new charges get him behind bars for a while. Unfortunately in Canada that will probably be nowhere near as long in jail as the public would like.

Canadian justice = give him a stern finger-wagging

Where are all those cop killing #blacklivesmatter thugs when you need 'em. #cantcornerthedorner

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