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23 hours ago, AriGold2.0 said:

I kinda want to sink my money into something and forget it till the end of Q1 2021.. Just can't figure out what the best ride is, been debating for a few weeks now.


PSTH is leading the charge right now.

What’s your expectation/hope for gains to end of Q1.

Why wouldn’t you bet heavily on Moderna growing 50% by that point?


edit - this was asked in an entirely inquisitive tone; in no way from a standpoint of knowing anything. I'm just starting to think about stocks and am pretty clueless, so trying to learn from this board.

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32 minutes ago, skolozsy2 said:

Any particular reason gold is taking a dump today?

When stocks are doing bad generally gold is doing well, today stocks are doing well so gold is taking a dump.

Most people use gold as a hedge in their portfolios in case of turmoil, wars, inflation etc.


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Alrighty guys, I found the company I'm putting money into for a while. I pulled some money out of my account to redo the kitchen in my new place.


I only have 15K in my account. I'm taking a "Break" through the transition of power in the USA. Alot of volatility and I don't have the time to watch it constantly right now.


New SPAC - Bought 1000 shares of VGAC @ $9.80 and 3000 of VGAC-Warrants @1.66


This only got put on my radar this morning and I strongly believe in this team and their target, they have done a thing or 2 in their lifetime. Probably won't merge with anybody for quite a while but these guys will attract lots of companies going SPAC route.





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48 minutes ago, skolozsy2 said:

Any particular reason gold is taking a dump today?

Gold dumped in response to the PMI (manufacturing) data today at 9:45 EST. Plus overnight data out of Europe weighed on it as well.


Market loves the nomination of Janet Yellen (former Fed Chair) for Treasury Secretary. She'll get confirmed easily and is pro stimulus and pro Wall St.


In a 'risk on' environment the case for gold isn't compelling.

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On 11/20/2020 at 3:26 PM, Duodenum said:

Man what a great couple of weeks, XPEV, DKNG, RVP, MEDS all giving huge gains, back into MEDS at 4.71 for the next spike up. Sold all of RVP and XPEV. Waiting for DKNG to go back to the 60s. Up 9% but keeping full. 


TTCF is intriguing, especially at the current sub 16 price. I have a small position.


GMHI spiked today, I think this will hit 13-14 next week and then I'll sell most of my position. In at 10.25. Sold 25% today since it's a Friday.









GMHI and TTCF with some yummy gains today.


MEDS rising after hours as well, up over 5 again.


XPEV over 70 bucks holy, I'm selling off most of this. 


DKNG static.

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