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3 minutes ago, nuckin_futz said:



After hours high (so far) was $200 on the nose.


All GME's buddies getting in on the action too AMC, BB, EXPR, KOSS, BBBY

And the ONLY one I am holding for genuine common sense reasons is doing jack.  Where's MY $75.00 post market increases...thanks a lot NOK and those worthless retail investors ;) 

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11 hours ago, Russ said:



Added PIF.to to my watchlist thanks, going to look into it a bit more. 



i pulled out of pif.to and invested into grn.to formerly known as grn.v yesterday it was listed on the tsx venture list top 50, a week ago it was trading at 2.86 and is trading in the range of buying for a bullish stock. that range is between 38 and 50% pull back from its most recent gain trend line. which is conviently what it was listed at this morning at opening. that price range is 2.46 to 2.54. im very bullish on this stock because of it's 1 year history of gaining revenue by 186% and also being profitable. 6 days ago it was awarded a 3.6m contract which is a 40% gain on past 12 months revenue. if it continues revenue growth at 75% for 3 consecutive years it will be a 20$ stock if you compared it to pif.to. someone not so bullish would consider getting in at between 2.12 and 2.37 

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