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20 hours ago, Wolfgang Durst said:

quality post. Thanks. You raised lots of excellent points for being invested in PLTR. No doubt about it. I fully agree with all of your arguments, but here are two things I would like to bring to your attention:


1. the big difference between PLTR's software compared to other companies software is that it's needs to be customized to a much higher degree than other software solutions. Customization of PLTR's software requires PLTR staff to visit clients (lots of travel required) in order to customize and implement SW. Customization is time consuming and costly and has negative impact on gross margins. That's exactly the reason why PLTR's gross margins will be significantly lower than gross margins of other Software companies.


2. the need for customization comes along with the limited ability for PLTR to scale up their SW. This is most likely the reason why the future growth of PLTR as a whole might not be as dynamic as the growth of other SW companies. The performance figures PLTR reported for FY 2020 and Q4/2020 were not the reason why the stock dropped once PLTR announced their figures. The main reason was the poor outlook for 2021 when it comes to growth. Growth percentage forecasted for 2021 was below the growth percentage PLTR achieved in 2020. That was kind of disappointing for participants of the conference call of PLTR's CEO Karp and PLTR's CFO.


Don't get me wrong. I have lots of respect for the arguments you mentioned. We don't have to agree on this one. I decided to go with other SW companies instead of PLTR.

I agree their margins aren’t the best. But given the integration with IBM now and using their entire sales team across North America and other countries, it should help cut down some of those overhead costs 

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10 hours ago, Warhippy said:

Seriously question.  With essentially everyone in the US getting almost twice or more what they previously got from the US government that helped fuel the "Stonks" event.  


Does anyone think the WSB crowd will take their stimmy money and jump back in? If so anyone have a clue what they'll be looking at outside of GME?


Go on WSB. They will definitely be gambling with there stimulus cheques lol


Probably just GME, AMC or any other stock which is heavily shorted


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5 hours ago, themcdeal said:


Go on WSB. They will definitely be gambling with there stimulus cheques lol


Probably just GME, AMC or any other stock which is heavily shorted


not so sure as the buy ins are way to high now


I'd imagine they're looking to make money again not stick it to someone and there's plenty of money to be made in the right avenues.  just need to get in early and find out which avenues those are


Ethereum and bitcoin are the most conversed about ones but....

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On 3/9/2021 at 8:38 PM, Warhippy said:

That's where I am at.  80,000 at .0012


They own the patents for what they're in court against Phillip Morris for.  Not only will they win, but they'll also own the right to license.  That alone will possibly push this towards 7 or 10 cents a share.  At which case hahahaha


Realistically, it's not a terribly run company, holds numerous patents in good areas that are gaining ground and made money consecutively in down years.  It shouldn't be a stretch to see 10 to 20 cents

Yes they own the patents to the iqos , which isnt very big in North America (Canada at least) but its massive everywhere else worldwide. Royalties from a settlement (mainly from the iqos) will bring huge value to the company. Its a hail mary but why not

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