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Young star tournament media avalibility


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Hi Vancouver911,

I am the media. Yes, THE media. We'd like to invite you to come to our special suite to watch the game. It's secret though so you'll have to go to the old arena nearby and ask for the super secret double probation ... I mean, access. Then they'll let you in and show you through the special tunnel for media access that connects all the important parts of Penticton.

Just keep banging on the door until someone shows, it'll work. Trust me.

Respectfully yours,

THE media.

You don't have many friends, do you?

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^^ I'm pretty sure there's two of those up already. Didn't take long to get a redundant GDT this season...

How could I be helpful (which was my intention when opening this thread) after you had already done a pretty stellar job of helping Vancouver911 all by yourself.

That fishing pole comment is fairly condescending. You are obviously very clever, keep up the good work.

By explaining how it was being streamed? But that assumes you actually do want to be helpful. You haven't been yet despite the answer not really being gently explained to the OP as yet. Instead you'd rather engage me, so I guess that covers it considering I've at least linked or posted the answer where you've done nothing.

True. Or you let them starve because they lacked the basic survival instinct to grab it in the first place.

In regards to this fishing analogy, I have this mental picture of some slacked jawed yahoo sitting by a river staring into dark abyss of their empty cortex, while someone is chucking fishing rods at them.

I picture more of me holding the handle and using the whippy end to give them a reminder if they aren't paying attention. That's the wishful thinking option though, where it's more like yelling "catch!" and hoping they're not one of those people that just turtles.

You don't have many friends, do you?

Plenty. I wish I had more time to see them all actually.

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I kind of want to make another thread,, just to piss off elvis.

Seems that's all that is necessary these days since everything under the sun has been done. 24,000 posts of correcting somebody. I wonder if it ever gets tiresome. That said I just ignore the posts since there's never any value in them. Highly recommended!

But this thread actually had merit for me, I didn't check the frontpage recently, but this thread was nice and high and in a roundabout way greengoblin gave me the information I needed.

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