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CDC Mix Exchange 2.0


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Welcome to CDC Mix Exchange 2.0.


I really enjoyed this when Formy organized this last time, and after receiving positive feedback from a few different members on CDC about doing another round I have decided to go for it.

I will be accepting 13 members other than myself for a total of 16.

  • Post in this thread to claim a spot (First come first serve basis)
  • Every participant will submit a 30-40 minute playlist to me via PM (Youtube playlist/links to each song preferred.)
  • How many songs you want to include is up to you as long as the aggregate total is 30-40 mins. (Could be twelve 3 minute songs or three 12 minute songs.)
  • Each person who submits a mix will receive one of their own to listen to and review
  • Reviews should follow the basic format of naming the song, posting a youtube link (if one is available), rating the song (whatever system works for you), and ending with a few sentences explaining why the assigned song earned the rating it did (i.e. "I didn't care for the vocals. Had a hot beat though. A semi-enjoyable mess.")
  • At the end of the reviewing process, post a guess regarding whose mix you got - I'll PM a personal compliment to those who guess correctly.

It is expected that you follow through with a review once receiving your mix. Never good to be that guy who lets everyone down.


1. Tigs

2. Lil B

3. BaerOxHitman

4. AV

5. Spoder

6. Kaz

7. Jazz

8. Horvat

9. Glassjaw

10. Otherwise

11. Alchemy Time

12. Otis

13. Banana Mash

14. Zfetch

P.S. I will be checking over each mix, and if I see a lot of troll songs in a single mix I will ask you to submit a different mix or withdraw.

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