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All Time Canuck Draft Pick Game


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The season is almost upon us but the dog days of the CDC thread and posts drags on.

Something fun to do is the following:

This thread is a draft, the only players that can be picked in this draft are past and current Canucks - 1 minimum games played - as long as they wore a Van jersey in a regulation or playoff game they are fair game. Each person to reply to this thread is given a draft pick number that corresponds to their position in the draft (when the reply).


The first person to reply gets the first pick, the second the second, the third the third etc. etc . Put the draft number, round number and your pick name next to it on each post. For example: Round 3 # 65 Geoff Courtnall

Each person is allowed ONE pick per round - 30 picks per round with no minimum rounds.

As you post your later picks show your ealier picks and their corresponding draft number - the idea is you are building a team of Canucks - the best team wins (12 forwards, six defenseman, one goalie).

Bure, the Sedins, Linden, Naslund, Luongo, are obvious first round picks - look forward to see how things look if the game runs into the later rounds.

I will play too, but only after somebody else notices and picks first.

Benning can play but only if he builds his team with 3rd, 5th and 7th rounders.

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I wish I can play, but don't want to hold everyone up in the later rounds waiting for me to make my pick.

Time limit? Trades

No hold up or order - pick whenever you have time if you like, no matter the round - as long as you don't pick twice in the same round (as per the RULES at top) ...Benning holding off until the 3rd to start, it's ok if you do too.

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