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Mafia: Assassin's Creed | Post Game Chatter + Wine Coolers by the fire


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Welcome to the Animus, Powered by Abstergo Entertianment

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1. TRR

2. Intoewsables

3. Zfetch

4. Kakanucks

5. Time Lord

6. Thejazz97

7. Virtanen87

8. HashtagNucks

9. Fox Mulder

10. Dr.S

11. Horvat

12. JohnLocke

13. Aladeen

14. G_bassi13

15. Kryten

16. GFY

17. Fwybwed

18. Dral

19. Mikeyboy44

20. otherwise

21. OTTS

About Assassin's Creed

The Assassin's Creed games primarily revolves around the rivalry between two ancient secret societies: the Assassins and the Knights Templar, and their indirect relation to an ancient species pre-dating humanity, whose society, along with much of Earth's biosphere, was destroyed by a massive solar storm. The games' real-world chronological setting begins in the year 2012, and features Desmond Miles, a bartender who is a descendant of several lines of prominent Assassins; though raised as an Assassin, he left his nomadic family to seek out a more common lifestyle. He is initially kidnapped by the megacorporation Abstergo Industries, the modern-day face of the Knights Templar, who are aware of Desmond's ancestral lineage. Desmond is forced to use the "Animus", a device that allows him to experience his "ancestral memories". Abstergo is seeking to discover the location of several artifacts, or the "Pieces of Eden", that hold great power, to control mankind and alter its fate, bringing humanity into one single unified group. Desmond also encounters a small team of modern-day Assassins; agreeing to work with them, Desmond uses their version of the Animus (the Animus 2.0) to continue to experience the memories of his ancestors to discover the locations of additional Pieces of Eden so they can be recovered before Abstergo can do so. While experiencing these memories, some of their abilities are genetically leaked into Desmond, known as the Bleeding Effect, giving him some of the Assassin skills of his predecessors at the cost of living with multiple sets of memories and personalities in his mind.

Within the Animus, Desmond explores the memories of a number of Assassins, including Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, an initially disgraced Assassin working to redeem himself during the Third Crusade; Ezio Auditore da Firenze, an Assassin in Italy during the late 15th and early 16th centuries of the Italian Renaissance, and Ratohnhaké:ton, otherwise known as Connor, a half-Mohawk, half-British Assassin during the American Revolution. Throughout these events, Desmond learns of allusions to the prophetic end of the world in 2012 from a former Animus test subject, Subject 16: the event turns out to be a repeat of the disaster which wiped out the ancient civilization, and he finds out that his memories hold the key to Earth surviving the second storm. During his experiences, Desmond is aided by holographic projections of three of the ancient race's rulers: Jupiter, Minerva and Juno. After Desmond dies to ensure Earth's survival, his memories, which have survived in cyberspace, are accessed by Abstergo, which hires a new subject to enter the Animus. The new subject relives the memories of Edward Kenway, Ratohnhaké:ton's grandfather and a privateer-turned-pirate during the British colonial years.



Each round lasts 24 hours; the next round begins once the previous one ends with a GM update.

During the round, the players will debate and discuss the identities of other players in the game thread, trying to uncover the Mafia in the group. They will then vote on one person, who they believe to be Mafia, to be lynched. At the end of the round, whoever has the most votes will be lynched.

At a the specified time, the round will end. The GM will then post the results of who was lynched, who was killed, and whether anyone was saved. The new round will then begin.

Note on order of precedence:

All kills, investigations, saves, etc must be sent via PM to the GM prior to the end of the round. All Action Submissions are final.

Notes on voting:

1) Please bold your vote in the game thread. E.g. Vote BaerOxHitman. Only bolded votes count. Nicknames are acceptable, as long as it is obvious who you are referring to. All Votes are final

2) Any votes in edited posts will not count. This is to prevent anyone going back later and secretly changing their vote once it has been cast. If you edit your post at all, you must recast your vote.

3) In the event of a tied vote, there will be no lynching. Instead, the following round, there will be a tiebreaking vote, alongside the regular lynch vote. Therefore, players will vote for two lynchings - one between the tied players, and one for everyone else.

Standard Rules:

1) Currently, rounds will end at 10:00 PM PST. (Under other GMs it is usually during late evening Pacific Time.) The GM will update as quickly as possible; please be patient if there is a delay or a change in time. I work varied schedules/

2)There Will be No Pming Permitted except in one of BOH's PMs. Once you've been killed off, please do not interfere with the game. Don't post during in-game discussions or loan your opinion to players, not even privately. The only comments you make should be completely off-topic and in no danger of influencing the game in any manner. Please stay honest when conducting private correspondence as well.

3) Please stay active. If you sign up, that means you want to play. If you do not vote at least once every two rounds, you will be killed off for inactivity. If this happens again, you will possibly be suspended for one game. All punishment is at the discretion of the GM.

4) Screenshots of any communication (especially with the GM) are not allowed. If anyone is caught posting screenshots of any form, whether in PM, email, or anything, that player will be banned from at least one game. It is also against the rules to copy/paste any message from the GM. Also, do not invite the GM into any private conversations, unless to prove rule-breaking. The GM is not playing the game, so keep him out of it!

5) If you are lynched, you are allowed last words. But anyone who is killed by any other means does not get last words.

6) Usually, exact numbers of each role are not revealed. But as a general rule of thumb, the Mafia will probably equal about one-third of the total players, and there will only be one of each Special role. This can vary, however.

7) Please avoid editing your posts if at all possible, in order to prevent changing or removing information in old posts. Leeway will be granted if the edit is made within the first 10 minutes after posting; after 10 minutes, there may be punishment (i.e. loss of your lynch vote) at the GM's discretion.

8) The word of the GM is final. If you disagree with something, feel free to say so (privately), but understand that the ongoing game will likely not be altered. And please remain civil if you do have a complaint remember that the GMs are devoting their own time to running this game for you.

9) Remember, this is just a game! If things start getting heated or personal between players, take a breath and a step back. The GM reserves the right to hand out warnings or further punishment as he sees fit. Just have fun, and don't take it too hard if you get duped during the game! (Some players can be quite tricky!)





[Eagle Vision] - The Eagle Vision assassin {Sheriff} is a Townsperson who can [investigate] one player per round. He will send a PM to the GM with one name; the GM will then inform the Sheriff if that player is Townsperson or Mafia. All actions are final.

[Doctor] The Doctor is a Townsperson who can choose one player to [save] during each night. If the Mafia try to kill a player the Doc has selected for saving, their kill will not go through as the target will be shielded by the Doctor's ability. The Doctor cannot self-save him/herself only once this game. The Doctor's save only applies to one kill attempt per target per round - if, for example, both the Mafia and Serial Killer target the Doctor-protected player; the first attempt will be "saved" but the second will successfully eliminate the targeted player. Doctor saves WILL keep a TB from dying Although the TB becomes a Regular TP

[Grenadier] - The Twinblade is a Townsperson who has a one-time ability to [Kill] another player. However, the catch is that the Twinblade will die as well in their attempt. Doctor saves or Medkits WILL keep a TB from dying although they become regular TP. A Lackey block or Mafia Nurse save keeps a TB kill from taking place.

[Hidden Blade] - The Vigilante is a Townsperson who can [Kill] one person each night. By the end of every round, he must send one name to the GM, and the player he names will be killed prior to the beginning of the next round.

[blow Gun] - The Blow Gun Assassin {JOAT} has 3 skills with1 use: Fast Poison (kill), Beserker Dart (Change a vote), Sleep Dart (choose player, vote nulled, connot act if special)



[Grand Master] - The Kingpin is the head of the Mafia. The exact aspects to this role can vary, but generally the Kingpin can [investigate] once on even or odd rounds. He or she will select one name, and the GM will reveal if that name is a Regular Townsperson or a Special Role (i.e. Sheriff, Doctor, Vigilante, Serial Killer). The Kingpin will also show up as "Not Mafia" to the Sheriff. However, the Kingpin cannot submit kills on the Mafia's behalf.

[False Templar] - The Lackey is a role-blocker who secretly works for the Mafia. The Lackey shows up as Town on investigation. The Lackey chooses one player every Odd-numbered round to [block] The chosen target will then be blocked from performing his/her action. The Lackey cannot block an action taken against him/herself. Blocks take place in real-time.

[Master Templar] - The Aggressor is a [Mafia Grunt] but has a voting power of x2 or the power to switch one person's vote each round (either or).

[Templar] - Regular Mafia


[bounty Hunter] is unaligned and can [Kill] one player every round.

[Judge] The Judge has the ability to veto a lynch. Sometimes they can insert their own overriding lynch choice. They must submit their decision to the GM before the update occurs.


[smoke Grenade] Can be used once per round and then gets passed on randomly by the GM after the round is up. The smoke grenade hides the holder from all actions including kills. Kind of like a medkit.

The kill order is:
1) Lynch
2) Twinblade
3) Serial Killer
4) Mafia
5) Vigilante
Any of the above roles who are killed prior to their own attack occurring will not have their kill go through. God Kills (for inactivity or rule-breaking) take precedence over everything.


Host Queue

JohnLocke - Hobbes Vs Locke Vs Rousseau?
Baka - Chocolate flavoured Condoms Vs. Vanilla?
GFY - Surrey Vs North Van?
Kryten - Republican Party
MR - Jack the Ripper
Dral - Weed Vs. Alcohol?
Jazz - Jizz Vs Jazz?
Virtanen - DBZ
ol'Muldy - Sex Files Vs Pedo Files?
Zfetch - To Feltch or not to Feltch (Hamlet Style)?
Time Lord - Tardis Vs. ReTardis (How to use a Time Machine to Spy on Naked Ladies)?
Aladeen - Star Wars pt I
Aladeen - Star Wars pt II
BOH - Mortal Kombat

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