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Islanders unveil new third jersey


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"The New York Islanders have unveiled their black and white third jersey for the team’s inaugural season in Brooklyn. On Tuesday, Nov. 3, the team will debut the entire uniform when they take on the New Jersey Devils at Barclays Center"

More pictures here: http://islanders.nhl.com/club/gallery.htm?id=55571

What do you guys think?

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Interesting, I like the styling but I'm not a big fan of the all black and white. I know this will be popular with some but when you watch teams with dark colourless jerseys like this on tv, it just looks dull.

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For having some of the cleanest and best looking away and home jerseys in the league, their thirds always fail to impress me. I understand that with their move to Brooklyn they want to give a nod to the Nets, but I don't see why they have to. Take a look at their home jersey:


Why not just flip the blue with the orange and boom you've got a beautiful third as well. If they still wanted to link it with their move to Brooklyn why not do something with the logo instead of the horrendous "NY"? Not saying this should be it but something similar with the Brooklyn bridge featured:


They've probably had the ugliest third jerseys in the league for quite some time now and it ruins their clean and nice look overall.

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