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** Why didnt this Nickname for Pavel stick ?**


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Nicknames in hockey are generally limited to adding a suffix of -s, -y, -sy, or -er of a shortened part of their name, or just their name shortened:






as examples.

We should just leave it at that and occasional when someone is way ahead of the curve in terms of talent they deserve a special nickname:

Russian Rocket - Nothing wrong with that

Super Mario

The Great One

Mr. Hockey

It's pretty lame forcing a nickname for players IMO, the best ones just flow and catch on.

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agreed with Aladeen,

Russian Rocket

Super Mario

The Great One

Mr. Hockey

Those are fantastic nicknames spawned by how fantastic they became.

Ovechkin: The Great 8

Crosby: The Kid

Actually found this via googling randomly a few days back was kinda entertaining:


Think Datsyuk is my favourite (The Magic Man, Pasha, Houdini)

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