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Prust-Dorsett Nickname Coined: Vancouver P.D. Thoughts?


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I'll be intrigued to see if they're on the same line or whether WD wants to split them up to give our kids more support and "mentorship" in the bottom-6. They're both going to be good character mentor-type guys for our bottom-6, while we've got great top-6 mentors like the Sedins, Burrows and Higgins.

Benning and WD have talked a lot about letting kids play with veterans who will groom and mentor them best. If that's really what they want out of a lineup, I'd go with something like this:

Sedin - Sedin - Virtanen (not going to happen, but he'd learn a lot from the twins)

Baertschi - Sutter - Vbrata (Vbrata and Baertschi had instant chemistry last season and would be the perfect role model for the kid, they play almost an identical game)

Shinkaruk - Horvat - Burrows (Shinkaruk is essentially a mini-Burrows and he'd be the perfect mentor for the kid, plus all 3 are relatively clutch scorers)

Higgins - Vey - Dorsett (Higgins is a great 2-way player who I think Vey would learn a lot from, and Dorsett can be our tough guy. We don't need 2 any one game)



I know Virtanen and Shinkaruk aren't going to make the lineup next season, but if you want to be in a transition phase that's one way to do it. Sedins-Virtanen, Baertschi-Vbrata, Shinkaruk-Burrows, Vey-Higgins are the best kid-mentor tandems we can form.

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