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Prust-Dorsett Nickname Coined: Vancouver P.D. Thoughts?


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VPD is pretty decent.

But I like just "DP". As in... you know... how their forechecking will be; ...Penetrating.

Whoever plays center with them doesn't really matter as long as you don't get some senseless heavyweight defensive liability. (ie. John Scott: who mentioned him anyway)

These guys are our first solid and responsible 4th line winger pair in as long as I can remember. They will make this a very difficult 4 line team to play against (Until you get past them to our D - yikes)

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Based purely on yesterday's game I'd say we'll be hard pressed to get any offense out of our fourth line, but they will be fun to watch at least.

Based on yesterdays game ,it looked like even the Sedins would be hard pressed to score this season....It was all perimeter shooting...That being said,I was impressed with Prust,he exceeded my expectations for sure..I thought he was one of the better players on the ice for the Canucks...

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