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Best 3 on 3 OT team?


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Who do you guys think will have the most lethal 3 on 3 OT team?

Penguins? (Crosby/Kessel/Letang/Malkin..)

Blackhawks? (Toews / Kane / Hossa / Keith..)

Oilers? (McDavid / Eberle / Hall / Schultz..)

Ducks? (Getzlaf / Perry / Kesler..)


I feel the Penguins or Blackhawks are going to be deadly 3 on 3. Shout out to the Lightning as well with Johnson / Stamkos and their speed with all that open ice.

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I'll say the following

Pittsburgh 3 of the 4 ... Could include Sid Geno, kessel, letang.

Washington backstrom ovie Carlson could be good.

Vancouver sedin sedin edler. Absolutely no homer-ism.

Those are top 3 teams.

Not fast enough...IMO, 3v3 is going to be all about speed. Teams with the fastest players will feast on 3v3.

Even though the Canucks are faster than they were last season, I'm still not convinced that they are top 10 in team speed.

Chicago, with its speed and ability to stretch the ice is going to be tops 3v3...Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh round out the top 3, IMO.

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