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Ahh^ a definitive answer..I like this. One way or another, the players must hear of the fan's discontent. In this current climate(esp for the 99%, unwashed masses, presumably most all of us), I prefer sink or swim for well-paid pros. Either cut the mustard, or make way for another kid(no tragedy, if one needs to pursue a career-dream in Switzerland).

So they should know of the paying fan's feelings. For the dineros they pull down, you thrive under the pressure. These 'bubble guys' should be informed-then perform accordingly.

If we have a cap spending club, it's reasonable to EXPECT a top-10 finish. If it doesn't occur, significant changes should.

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I would disagree. I would say Quick was an above average and now is closer to average. He plays on a good team it helps his numbers. I think I read somewhere that his backup goalies had a better save percentage than him over the past three seasons. His underlying numbers aren't that good.

Until the real season starts, "PLAYOFFS".

Quick & Crawford have proven to play there best hockey in the PLAYOFFS not regular season. They get the job done for 8 months then know how to raise their game when it really counts. (Playoffs)

Benning is building his team in that same matter, with Playoffs (ferklund) in mind.

Sutter > Bonino

Prust > Kassian

Horvat > Schroeder

Gaunce > Santo

Virtanen > ?

McCann > ?




Arguably Markstrom > Lack in the long run?

Possibly going after Lucic, Byfuglien, Backes, and more Ferklund type, etc next year?

It ain't all about winning the Presidents cup, but it is ALL about winng the STANLEY CUP...

No way to judge Benning/Linden yet, way too early. After next season talk to me... :rolleyes:

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@FrazzyD, thanks for that patience recommendation. Since the 70's, this NEVER occurred to me :^)

On the other hand, the PTB would appreciate your sentiments. Accepting what one has must surely have led to many a parade. Personally would say there's too much diversity, to track ONE way of emerging as Cup champion.

Bare cupboards?

Horvat, Shink, Hutton, Gaunce, Cassels, Subban, Kassian, Lack, Markstrom, Grenier, Fox, & Jensen.

I'd argue for a 5-yr contender,(in my mind, a cheated 2011-winner), it was a reasonable collection to start from.

if by reasonable collection you mean bottom 5 in the league, then yes, our prospect pool was reasonable when benning took over

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Bottom-5 is a seemingly biased assessment,(media hated MG) I'm not sure I'd agree with. Admittedly, don't track every team's youth.

Seems their first 2 seasons, Utica has performed beyond expectations.

Adding guys like Lack, Tanev, Eriksson, Fox & McEneny were like obtaining additional picks.

When people keep saying "it's too early", this could also be applied to assessing many of MG's selections.

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^It's a fair argument, & might very well pan out.

Should Vey turn it around, I'll happily admit that I was dead wrong, & JB probably IS a good judge with youth.

But people are so averse to negative projections. What about the flip-side?

Last Nov(Kesler trade thread) people were so enthusiastic to declare ourselves outright champs in that dept. Seems ok if one rushes to a positive conclusion. Today, it's more rational to accept the jury's still out, on that deal.

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