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Darnell Nurse vs Hunter Smith.... Great Fight

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Smith actually isn't that good of a fighter despite his size. He just has the reach advantage.

Good for Nurse for standing up to a guy much bigger than him though.

Smith is only two inches taller, so it's not that much. Smith is also only 5 pounds heavier, so Nurse is probably stockier too.

Still, two inches can feel like a fair bit, so I don't want to take away too much from him.

EDIT: I should add that half of the sources I found list Smith at 6'6 and half list him at 6'7" and I was going off 6'6". That said, 6'7" is more likely seeing as he may well have just grown an inch since the last measuring.

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Smith likely got his name on an invisible list for that.

First, the cross-check to the face;

Second, hounding Nurse until he felt he had to fight;

Third, fighting a kid with no helmet while he had a visor and helmet on.

Glad Nurse smashed his face in anyway. I thought he took some really strong punches but he didn't shy away, he held his ground and gave back far more than he took. He gained a lot of respect from me.

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