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sorry is this isnt allowed here, i can't seem to search the forum for some reason. is there any way to watch canucks games online? I'm not looking for a free way, i'm willing to pay for something. that nhl game center says its only for out of market games, so i'm guessing that since I'm in BC (near Kamloops) that I wouldn't be able to watch canucks games on it. only reason i'm asking is that there's no cable in my area and only internet. next best option is getting satalite lol. thank you!!!

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GC is your main option really.

If you were able to get cable with SportsNet channels (iirc Kamloops is in the Canucks broadcast region -- I thought it covered all of BC and Yukon?) like SN Canucks, SN Pacific, SN1, SN360, you could log in through your provider to SN's website (now hosted by Neulion) even when out of the province and still watch most Canucks games (all but 7 probably, and those 7 are in Oct/Nov only).

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No blackouts anymore. GC gets local games.

Even if they did still have blackouts; They are an absolute joke to get around,it was never much of an issue.(For me)

It's pretty awesome to be able to watch WWE Network & Hulu Plus, as well as being able to access any Netflix-Enabled Country's Media library I want.

If you're curious; https://www.unblock-us.com/

Lots of other solid DNS Server options out there too, thats just the one I've used/use(For a couple of years with pretty much no problems) now and trust

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