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Hey why don't the canucks show the rest of the hl that their rink atmosphere can be the best in the hl...my recommendations..are as follows don't say its power play begins now..thats so cheesy it ruins the feel of the game..stop playing the same old music...try and get the fans to start up a new way of cheering...you need to change things up....hockey is going to take a dive in vancouver ...you need get a better brand of style of hockey...oh yes i like the canucks...just see it sinking...

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Your thread sucks. Lacks substance, poor uninformative title.

I could go on, but, I think I made my point clear when I typed "Your Thread Sucks"

but, your thread does suck, and you should feel bad about it.

Please try to make threads that don't suck so much in the future.

0/10 would not read again

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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