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My opponion on the McCann situation...


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Now i would like to say that i have been in australia the entire preseason and have been living through all your comments about the players and performances etc...

Based on what i am hearing on the forums about this Vey vs McCann thing..The way i look at the McCann situation of playing with 4th liners and Vey playing 2nd line minutes and linemates is that maybe... Just maybe... McCann is playing in that role because that is what he is going to be playing if he is to make the team, giving him 4th line minutes and prust/dorsett/kennins and whoever else he is being slotted with is building line chemistry for the upcoming regular season, rather than slotting him in a top 6 role where he very unlikely would be playing if he is to make the team.

Where as maybe Linden Vey is playing in a top 6 slot to perhaps surround him with good players and perhaps raise his trade value to fetch us some sort of draft pick or a prospect. McCann for all we know probably already has that 4c locked in.

Did anyone ever think that could be the whole reasoning, rather than Vey being Willie's "pet"

Now thats just my oppinion, so flame away if you must, but i think that is truly what is going on and you "McCann" count on it that Vey will not be sitting in that 4c on opening day.

Vey started the preseason with what is or was to be his intended linemates with Prust and Dorsett and McCann played with some of the other prospects, from what i read on the forums and when i had chances to see the highlights it was clear that McCann was the far better player in the preseason compared to Vey.

From what i heard with Vey's performances with his performances with his 4th line wingers he did not have an impact on that line.

But the last few games of the preseason it has been McCann with the 3rd/4th line wingers and Vey playing with our 2nd line wingers.

At that point there it seemed to me that was an indication that JB has already made up his mind as to where Linden Vey stood in this organization wether it be in Utica or pawned off for anything else in return.

Would you agree or am i just crazy?



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McCann - Dark Horse

Vey - My Little Pony

Seriously though, Vey hasn't shown enough in any aspect to handle the big bad Western Conference.

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