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Make Baertschi, Horvat, and Virtanen a Permanent line?


Baerstchi, Horvat, and Virtanen  

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If that line made an impact in the regular season (providing Virtanen sticks),it could very well keep Jake up here for the entire year...Sven is still a question mark,seems to excel one game,and then vanish for the next one (it would be a massive coup if he indeed pans out)...

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WD would get a heart attack, fall down the stairs and injure his hip again if he saw this thread.

Ni way he puts 3 young guys together. As for the vote though, yes.

he just did last night against what would be the opening night roster for the Oilers minus a couple players

people until you actually get the words out of his mouth that he hates young players you can just stop with this bs logic claiming he hates young players with nothing to back it up

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I'd like to see it for a few more games, but will consider it a win if even Baertschi and Horvat become 2nd line fixtures. I get the feeling Jake will be sent down after 9 games, but would love to be wrong.

I don't think so, did you see Burrows at the end of the game with Sven and Bo, they did nothing as Burrows can't do what Virt's can do. power down the wing, penetrating with the puck- massive element for both Bo and Sven, anybody that understands hockey realizes that each one of those players transcends the other, if Willie can't see that then fire Willie. He proved by putting Burrows with them, we all saw it. Burrows is a 3rd line player now, with Sutter and Hansen. Higgins needs to be dealt.

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Horvat said after the game: "I hope this line is together for a long time."

Horvat seems to think so...

That might not be starting this season though.... hopefully this makes up our 2nd line for several years AND they have the same success that they had in this single game on a regular basis.

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I doubt that line stays together. It's a fun option if WD needs to mix up lines but I doubt it would be 'permanent'.

I still say:

Sedin, Sedin, Burrows

Baer, Horvat/Sutter, Vrbata

Dorsett, Sutter/Horvat, Hansen

Prust, Cracknell/Vey, Virtanen

When Higgins gets back Virtanen and Prust will likely have to swap in and out, then send Jake to the WJC and make a call from there.

Maybe in a year or two though...

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Yeah, at least for the first 9 games to see how Virtanen plays against full NHL line-ups and how three relatively inexperienced players can handle that.

The line makes perfect sense in theory: Baertschi has the ability to set up beautiful plays from the left side with creative, accurate and long passes. Hornet is a big-center who thrives in all three zones. Virtanen is already 210 pounds, a shoot-first player who goes to the net and the corners hard. All have elite level potential. Baertschi and Horvat also have the offensive poise to keep possession in the offensive zone—and Virtanen can be a nuisance in front of the net as well as bury plays.

Plus, if Benning wants to uphold his end to Sutter of being a "2nd C", then it makes sense to stick him with either Vrbata or Burrows who are the most proven offensive players outside the Sedins, and Higgins who finished 5th on the Canucks in scoring last year. Also, at the Prince George training camp Higgins & Sutter spent a lot of time together.

Dorsett - Prust - Hansen is a nice, hard-working, energy line with size. And if you put Vey there instead of Prust it has offensive potential.

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What I would like to see for the first 9 games:

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Gaunce - Sutter - Vrbata

Baertschi - Horvat - Virtanen

Dorsett - McCann - Hansen

Prust, Vey

Edit: with Higgins replacing Gaunce, and most likely McCann being sent back to junior unless he can impress for 9 games straight.

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